Fire Academy

Here We Go!

Matt just finished day 12 of the fire academy and this is definitely a huge learning experience…for BOTH of us! For him obviously it is learning what it takes to become a firefighter- physically, mentally and emotionally. For me it’s another challenge of being what God tells us wives to be. A supportive helpmate.

This week was filled with bruises, leg cramps, and pure exhaustion. Matt came home everyday with stories of climbing through the dark tight maze, rescuing 175 pound dummies in the burn building (no fire yet) and rescuing a firefighter that is down. They also started the classroom learning which he will be studying all weekend for his first test.

Speaking of this weekend…the big day is almost here! The Publix Georgia Half Marathon is tomorrow. My first half marathon! I am already so nervous and excited I couldn’t sleep last night. Today is the Expo at the World Congress Center and then Matt and I are going to stay overnight in Atlanta so I can be ready to run bright and early and not have to worry about driving and parking in the morning. I’m excited to get away even just for a day…and even though it is not really that far away. Wish me luck!

Here are a few pictures from the past week:

A couple bruises

The book they are using in class

Face mask used in the fires

Atlanta – Here we come!

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