Fire Academy

Forced Entry and Ladders

Matt just finished Forced Entry and Ladder Week in the Fire Academy. During Forced Entry they used the “irons” and learned how to force their way inside outward swinging doors, inward swinging doors, metal doors, wooden doors and burglar bars.

As far as the ladder training…I’m glad I didn’t really know what he was doing until he had already completed it. They learned raising, lowering and climbing short ladders, extension ladders and roof ladders. They also practiced rescuing an unconscious victim from the 2nd story window. And finally the 100 foot aerial…

They climb up in full gear, hook in, lean back, clap over their head and then climb back down.

City of Atlanta Fire Trucks with the Burn House in the background.

The Tower-they run up and down the tower stairs in their gear during PT and inside they do search and rescue mazes.You can see some people repelling down the side practicing rescuing someone from the window.

Matt and his squad plus a few of the other recruits.

7 thoughts on “Forced Entry and Ladders”

  1. I’m like you Heather I’m glad I didn’t know when all this was going on until it was over. Matt is really do good in the academy and I am so proud of him. Luv ya

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