Fire Academy

Fire Academy Update: Hoses and Hell Week

Since I’m not the one going through the Academy it’s a little difficult for me to explain everything Matt and the recruits do but I think a brief update is sufficient which is generally what I get from him each night. He comes home most nights filthy from dirt and sweat and he is usually exhausted and ready for bed. Since my last Fire Academy update Matt has learned all about Hoses and Hydrants.


Cleaning and testing hoses. Rolling out and loading hoses. And by the way, these are not actual photos since he obviously can’t carry around a camera during the drills.


They also practiced Fire Suppression. Above grade attack, below grade attack, direct attack and indirect attack. In other words, how to put out a fire on the second floor, basement level and from which direction to attack it with the hose. They did a lot of classroom learning and then did drills with the hoses.


Last week was Vehicle Extrication. They cut up cars with Holmatro tools(The Jaws of Life).


He also got his new recruit uniform. A man in uniform. Isn’t he handsome!


This week however is the hardest week of the Academy. It’s BA (Breathing Apparatus) Week otherwise known as Survival Week or Hell Week. This is the week that will show who can take the heat.This is the week where they will go through obstacle courses and other physical training and then do all of the drills in full gear using the Breathing Apparatus. This is the week they press you to make sure you aren’t going to quit and ring this:


This is the actual bell they ring when they have had enough. This is the bell they ring when they are done, want out and they quit. Pray for Matt and all the other recruits this week. It’s going to be tough but he is loving every minute of it! I’ll update as this week unfolds.

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