Fire Academy

BA Week Day 1: Cake Walk

Day 1 of BA (Breathing Apparatus) Week is over. Today was considered a “Cake Walk ” compared to the rest of the week. The day began in the classroom going over everything about the Breathing Apparatus. Then it was out to the Drill Yard.


They practiced putting on and taking off their Breathing Apparatus. Speed and accuracy is the key here. There were Firefighters from the field there helping that would undo, change or mix up parts on their BA while their backs were turned and then they would have to quickly be able to figure out what was wrong, fix it and put it on. One time the only thing that was wrong was Matt’s helmet was switched with another recruit. All this was to train them on the importance of checking their gear thoroughly.


They also did the obstacle course which has 19 fire related stations that they go through with a partner followed by an Air Consumption Drill where they had to run and do some calisthenics and other physically demanding tasks all with the BA on and while trying to conserve oxygen until their air supply completely ran out.

He came home last night and practiced his Hot Bottle Swaps:




Day 1 was a success. Stay tuned for more on BA Week.

3 thoughts on “BA Week Day 1: Cake Walk”

  1. Hey, I have one of those in the back of my car right now! LOL Hubby just worked in a few schools and it is the one they use for demos and such. Hang in there! Enjoy the cake walk days!

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