Fire Academy

BA Week Day 2: No Joke

No Joke best describes Day 2 of BA Week for Matt in more ways than one.

Matt got home around 7:30pm just as I finished cooking Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo per his request (well a week ago but I just got around to making it). He walked in the door and said “Boy do I have some stories for you!”. His red knees told me he must have been crawling on them all day long. Each night before he tells me about his day we both like to be sitting down together with as few distractions as possible. That’s kind of difficult in our house. So after I got everyone fed, everyone got bathed and ready for bed we sat down and he began to tell me about his day. No joke it took him over an hour to tell me!

So needless to say I’m not going to be typing all that information. Everything he described was extremely difficult. He told me about all of the different drills they did and for a brief moment I tried to imagine myself doing some of that stuff and realized I would have either freaked out, flipped out or passed out right from the beginning. We are talking about stuff like being closed up inside a wooden box, doing a search and rescue of a fake baby in a building in complete darkness with yelling so loud you can’t hear to communicate with your partner all while they are spraying water hoses at you, rescuing down firefighters and going through pitch dark mazes where they try and get you disoriented and tangled up on wires. There were many other drills too and all of this was done after they first completed the 19 station obstacle course.

He went on to explain that at the end of the day they were completely exhausted with leg cramps and even finger cramps and there were 2 groups that then had to do 50 push ups in full gear. Yes, he was one of them.

And if that wasn’t enough he (and a few others) had to do 5 High Rises….


…let’s back up a second before I go any further…

When Matt first started the Academy and he got his gear for some reason he picked out a pair of bunker pants that were a size 44 waist. Why you might ask? I have no idea. He wears a 36 and could probably even wear a 34 and since he is 6’4″ his normal length is 34. So without the hot red suspenders that are part of the gear his pants fall straight to the ground…


Fast forward back to today Day 2 of BA Week…both suspenders break…pants fall apart in the midst of all the strenuous physical activity going on…and then he has to end the day running 5 High Rises in full gear holding up his pants that are not only enormous but completely shredded. And by the way, 1 High Rise equals 6 stories of stairs up and back down. Multiply that by 5, without holding handrails because you have to hold your pants up, and add 60 pounds of gear after you have already completed the most physically demanding drills in your life and you have a no joke day.

Unfortunately, there are no photos of the old pants but of course I have a photo of the new and improved size 40/30 (still not quite right but much better).


4 thoughts on “BA Week Day 2: No Joke”

  1. wow sounds really tough ,he must be in great shape to handle it . Im sure he will be a great fireman !! many years from now he may laugh at the problem with the pants but I’m sure it will take awhile ….

  2. Thats too funny that he picked out the wrong pants! Your re-telling of his training is taking me back! My Hubs did a 2-month course about 2 years ago, and he was at the academy Sun-Fri every week. So glad its over, just like you’ll be!

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