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They picked ME!

Last month one of the random people I’m “friends” with on Facebook (one of those “friends” I don’t even know) posted a status asking if anyone has ever done a Couch to 5k program and had success and if so to email this particular person with your story and you might be in an article they are writing for Prevention Magazine. Well, I normally don’t respond to things like that but for some reason I thought about the fact that I DID complete the program a year ago and because of that program I continue to run and participate in 5k’s and even ran my first half marathon this year. So I figured that was a success story and I responded and emailed the lady my story.


She responded and asked me a few questions and wanted more details about my story. I told her how I started the C25K program along with Weight Watchers last year and she asked for “before” and “after” pictures. This prompted my post about my weight loss and running journey which you can read here.

She told me there were several people who had submitted their stories and they would be choosing who they would do the article on in a few days.

Can you guess who they picked?? ME!!

She told me she may have a few more questions for me and that a photographer might call to schedule a photo shoot if they felt like they needed a professional photo. So I waited to hear from them not thinking it was a big deal…

Until this past Monday night when I received an email that said they would like to fly me to NEW YORK CITY for a PHOTO SHOOT!!!


I LOVE NYC! I just went this past December and while I was there a New Yorker told me I MUST come back in the spring to see the flowers in Central Park. WELL, SPRING IS HERE AND HERE I COME!!

Here is a pic of me and my sister in Central Park in the Winter…my fingers were frozen that day.


Apparently there are a few others that are also involved in the article so they wanted to schedule everyone at the same time and wanted it to be this month preferably before May 18th.

Turns out it is scheduled for Saturday May 12th, Mother’s Day Weekend. I really didn’t want to be gone for Mothers Day alone away from my kids and away from my mom. Especially since this is the first Mothers Day since my grandma passed away. I know it will be a difficult one for my mom. So with the help of a couple other people brainstorming with me I decided to find a way to BRING MY MOM and one of my kids!!

The hotel is paid for for 2 nights, Friday and Saturday, plus my airfare is paid for by the magazine and I was able to get my mom and Hope to fly for minimal cost considering it is last minute and luckily Matt and I have saved our Visa rewards points so that helped a lot!

So next Friday it’s a Girls Weekend Getaway to NYC for a Mothers Day Celebration like no other with these two special people…


9 thoughts on “They picked ME!”

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! That is SO exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting back into running after having my 4 kids. And for motivation I signed up for my first half in September!!! I am TERRIFIED! I will be reading all your running articles! Hehe! My FAV running blog is http://www.mile-posts.com. Check her out!

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! That is soooooooooo fabulous! I am so proud of you! You have to let us know when this copy is on newstands,this is once in a lifetime! I am so excited for you! A photo shoot! How fun! Wow!wow!wow!

  3. Heather , That is so great I get goose bumps really your blog . I am so happy & so proud of you . What a fantastic Mothers day gift for your mom memories of a life time for all 3 of you …..So happy for you -your amazing !!!! send lots of pictures !!!!!!!Love you

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