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Photo Shoot in NYC

We had an amazing whirlwind weekend in New York City this past weekend for Mother’s Day and the Prevention Magazine Photo Shoot. We left bright and early Friday morning and arrived at LaGuardia airport around 11:00am. We were greeted by this man


who drove us to our hotel, The Alex, on 45th and 3rd near Grand Central Station.

Since my mom and Hope had never been to NYC I wanted them to see as much as possible while we were there so we first headed down to Battery Park to get a view of The Statue of Liberty


and then we visited The World Trade Center Memorial/Ground Zero.



That night Hope and I went to Times Square and ate dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.



The next morning was our 5 minutes of fame on The Today Show (in the audience) and several people saw us in the crowd on TV.


My mom and Hope took a tour around the city on the double decker tour bus and I left to go back to the hotel to meet the two other ladies, Tammy and Rene, that would be joining me in the photo shoot for Prevention Magazine. We met in the lobby and got to know each other while we waited for Rebecca Steele (photo editor for Rodale/Prevention Magazine) and her assistant Erin Hendry. While we waited we shared our weight loss and Couch to 5k stories and we found that we had a lot in common…including the fact that we are all die hard NKOTB fans. No…we aren’t ashamed.


Erin arrived and took us on a tour of the Rodale office which is where Prevention Magazine and Men’s Fitness are produced. It was right around the corner of our hotel. Then Rebecca picked us up in an SUV and we drove out to the far end of Brooklyn near the ocean to Marine Park. There was an RV waiting for us and a crew of about 20 people. There were two people to assist with outfits, a hair stylist, makeup artist, photographer, lighting crew and several others. I was first to get my outfits picked out while Tammy and Rene got their hair and makeup done. There was every brand and color of activewear that you can imagine and all kinds of running shoes. We each needed two full outfits, one for our individual shots and one for the group shots. So I had to try on several different outfits until the stylist was pleased with how I looked. By the way…don’t match your running shoes to your running outfits…apparently not cool.


After they did my hair and makeup it was my turn to do my individual shots so I went outside with the photographer and crew and I had to stand on a milk crate and act as if I was running as she snapped photos. It was pretty awkward but I’m sure they knew what they were doing. After we ate a catered lunch it was time for outfit number 2 and the group photos.


This was the fun part. Since the article is about the Couch to 5K program they used a bright orange couch and placed it in the middle of the park. We did several different shots but the main one that we had to do over and over again was a jumping shot. They had all three of us standing on the couch and we had to jump up together and kick our legs out different ways. We did this about a hundred times it seemed like so it was a full workout by the time we were done. There were also several different shots of us walking together. The local New Yorkers (primarily the old men) were not happy that we were “in their way” as they rode their bikes passed us and didn’t have many kind words to say.

We got back to the hotel at 5:30pm so it was an all day event…lots of fun but very tiring. My mom and Hope returned from their tour at the same time I arrived back at the hotel and we ate dinner at the little diner across the street which was delicious! Then we walked around until we found cupcakes at Crumbs bakery to celebrate the day.


Sunday morning we woke up and packed our bags and headed out on our way to Brooklyn to visit the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church. We took a taxi to Grand Central Station, then the Shuttle to Times Square, Subway to Brooklyn, and another taxi to the church.


It was an AMAZING service and I recommend anyone and everyone that lives or visits NYC to check it out. We left for our flight from the church and flew home to rainy Atlanta.

Oh, and the funniest part of the trip was when my mom tore the arm off her seat on the airplane and it slammed down on the floor of the plane and scared everyone. The flight attendant was even in shock at her strength.

Definitely a trip to remember!

The article will be in the August edition of Prevention Magazine.

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