Fire Academy, Our Family


When I say we have been on this journey for Matt to become a firefighter for a long time I’m talking almost 8 years. Applications, waiting, tests, physicals, waiting, interviews, more waiting, multiple counties and cities, got hired just to be laid off…and then had to start all over again. It’s been a long process but he never gave up. So now that his time has arrived I wanted to do something special for him to celebrate. So what better way to celebrate than a surprise party! So I searched my favorite website, Pinterest, for ideas and here is how it turned out:

Matt’s brother Martin and his family just happened to be moving back from Texas Sunday afternoon and Matt was supposed to help them unload their moving truck so it was a perfect opportunity to get the party ready and people to the house while he was out. Well, actually I planned the party and then realized he was supposed to help them at the same time…but it all worked out perfectly.

Here he is pulling up to the house.

Here is the crowd of 45 friends and family in the yard to greet him.

Our Sunday School teacher, Mike Fortner, said a wonderful prayer for Matt and then we all headed inside to eat.


Of course the theme was Fire…so we had 5 Alarm Chili, Scorching corn dip and Hot wings.

Blazing Salsa and chips and Flaming Hot Cheetos.


We had a candy buffet and an awesome Fire cake (as Ben called it) made by Sugar Kneads.





And to wash it all down…my favorite part…the Fire Hydrant!!


It was a great party and we are thankful for all of the support we have from our family and friends. We love you all and are thankful for each and everyone of you.

1 thought on “Surprise!”

  1. I am so thankful or your blog! We are a Texas fire family my husband has been a volunteer ff since 2004 and he went through fire and emt school about 2 years ago he works as a emt now however many test, interviews later we still have no fire job I feel yall’s struggle with the 8 year road and it reminds me to keep our heart set on the dream! Congrats to y’all wish you all the best!

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