Station 4 Engine 6

First Shift on Engine 6

No, I’m not going to blog about every shift. But this was Matt’s first shift so yes I will blog about this one.

So Wednesday night Matt prepared for his first shift at Station 4 on Engine 6. He packed up all his gear and everything he would store there in his locker.


He was very excited but I could tell he was nervous too.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with how the shifts work there are 3 shifts (A, B, C). Each shift is 24 hours and then they are off 48 hours. Matt is on shift A so his first shift was Thursday 7am to Friday 7am. Station 4 is located downtown near Grady Hospital and Georgia State University.


Station 4 houses Engine 6 which is the one Matt is assigned to and also Squad 4. Squad 4 is the only Heavy Rescue in the City of Atlanta. They are responsible for all high angle, confined space, haz mat, trench, collapse, special extrication and they respond to all structure fires.

Engine 6


Squad 4



Station 4 is one level so no fire poles to slide down for those wondering. There is a workout area, kitchen and bunk room. They each have a bed and a locker to keep their belongings in.


There is also a locker room where they keep their turnout gear.


On his shift there are 5 guys on Engine 6. They had 20 calls during his first shift. None of the calls were for fire. His first call was for a prisoner that thought she was in labor. They went inside the prison to check on her and the Grady hospital ambulance also met them there. So needless to say he didn’t have to help deliver a baby. Grady meets them at a lot of the calls to transport the patients to the hospital.

Some of the other calls included a couple of drunk women (in the middle of the day), a gas main break, a car accident and several EMS calls.

Here is the view from his seat in the engine:


So his first shift went well and he came home and of course slept.

1 thought on “First Shift on Engine 6”

  1. Wow, what a day! 20 calls in his 1 shift. Thanks for the blog. It’s very interesting to know what goes on in a day of a life of a new fireman.

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