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So Much To Learn

Now that Matt has 5 shifts behind him we are starting to figure out this new routine. It is a little crazy at times but fortunately right now the kids are on summer break so there is no homework, projects or after school activities to throw in the mix just yet. After Matt’s first shift he started back at his other part time job at Magnolia Ambulance Service.


So on one of his two off days he works at Magnolia for a 10-12 hour shift…with the exception of this week when he will leave from the fire station to go straight to Magnolia to drive a patient all the way to Virginia and back. Am I concerned? Why yes I am. Thanks for asking. šŸ™‚

Some things I’m learning and adjusting to already in my Fire Wife role are as follows:

1.) Holidays will be very different this year.

This past Sunday Matt was off for Father’s Day which was nice because he will have to work on all of the remaining major holidays this year including July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve. So he came home that morning from working all night and we enjoyed breakfast together and then the kids gave him their gifts they made.


My gift to him was a set of twin bed sheets for his bed at the fire station. Exciting I know. I already know several gifts I am getting him for his birthday and Christmas…all of course have something to do with the fire life. What I really should have gotten him was a huge container of laundry detergent which brings me to #2.

2.) Laundry Detergent must be stock piled.

When Matt is home between shifts he is constantly doing laundry. Yes, HE. He prefers to do his own laundry. Ok by me. There are always uniforms to be washed. Whenever I don’t know where he is I look in the laundry room.


3.) Matt can finally enjoy some decent Home Cookin’.

I don’t have the skills for this so I’m glad he can enjoy it at the Firehouse. In moderation of course.


4.) EMS call details should probably be spared.

After hearing about some of the things Matt has experienced on the EMS calls already, one call in particular, I have decided that ignorance is bliss. It took several hours for me to allow him to tell me about this particular call and now my mind is scarred thinking about it and I wasn’t even there.

5.) Comcast Infinity app for the iPhone is very handy.

When he has an exciting call such as the one today that is news worthy I can go to my app and record the news from wherever I am. Today’s news story involved a suspicious package and this contraption:


6.) There is no point in trying to listen to the radio scanner while he is on his shift.

I can’t understand a word any of those people are saying. Period.

7.) There is no point in worrying about him.

After all, worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere. Besides, chances are he is just doing laundry or eating fried chicken or something.

And last but not least…

8.) The sweetest kisses are the ones right before he leaves for 24 hours and the ones when he returns home safe.


That is all for now. Still waiting on that first fire!!

2 thoughts on “So Much To Learn”

  1. I wash all my work related things at work. It saves on detergent, time at home and I am not washing them in the same machine as the rest of everyone’s clothes at home because any and everything gets on them. I just finished a load today. And yes most stories are better left untold.

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