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Fires, Prevention and Harrison Ford!?

Let me start by saying (or shouting) THIS WEEK WAS SO EXCITING!! Let’s start with the end of last week and the first fire scene Matt was called to. It was the old club Inferno (ironic lol). His engine wasn’t first on the scene but he helped with the hoses and then went in after it was out to pull down drywall and make sure everything was under control.


On Tuesday Matt picked up his shield I had made for him for a combo Father’s Day/Birthday gift. One of the Firefighters at Station 28 custom makes shields for the helmets.


Thursday while I was taking all my kids to the dentist…Matt was hanging out with Harrison Ford. His Engine got a call for a fire alarm going off so they suited up and went to the scene and it ended up being the movie set for a movie called “42” about baseball great Jackie Robinson.

20120630-075231.jpgThe alarm was going off due to some fake smoke they were using and while waiting for the Fire Inspector to come check out the situation Harrison Ford came walking through and Matt and Harrison exchanged nods.

After that exciting event Matt had a car fire that he helped put out. The car was melted and completely destroyed.


And then they were called to another house fire where they stood by as RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) in case a firefighter went down. After it was under control he went in to pull drywall and climbed in the attic and put out some embers that were still lit.


After the fire was out a camera crew was on the scene taking photos of them while they hydrated. He said they were doing a story on Firefighters and the heat, which by the way for those not in Georgia we are in a major heat wave. This was what my van said yesterday and today is going to be even hotter!


Here is the article. I thought that was Matt in the picture but I guess it’s not. Maybe a long lost twin…Click here to read the article.

And last but not least I found out this week that the August issue of Prevention Magazine wasn’t coming out until next Tuesday but one of the ladies that was in the photo shoot with me found it in a store up north and scanned me a copy! Look who is on the cover and to the left of him in bold text is my article topic!


And here is one of the photos we took at the photo shoot while jumping on the orange couch in the middle of the park in Brooklyn.

More on the photo shoot here. I’ll post more on the article when I get my hands on a copy next week! Have a good weekend and stay cool!

1 thought on “Fires, Prevention and Harrison Ford!?”

  1. Tee Hee. You had me at Harrison Ford! Heather, I know you are so proud of your hubby! He is doing great things to keep us safe! And you my sweet beautiful friend look amazing!!!! Can’t wait to see the article!

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