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Year One and Counting has been a while since my last post for various reasons...mostly lack of┬átime to sit and think. But boy do I have lots of ideas and posts to write! Today I finally logged into my blog and guess what it said ... Happy One Year Anniversary! My Blog is ONE YEAR old! This also… Continue reading Year One and Counting

Fire Academy

Fire Academy Update: Final week DONE!

The last week of the Fire Academy is done. After enjoying the three day weekend last weekend it was time for carseat training. I didn't think there would be too much to learn on this subject but apparently there is. Like a whole text book worth of information that they learned and tested on for… Continue reading Fire Academy Update: Final week DONE!

Fire Academy

Date Night at the Fire Academy

Last night I had the privilege to spend the evening with Matt at the Fire Academy for what they call Family Night. This is a night where the recruits invite their spouses, parents, kids etc. to come see where they learn, who teaches them, what they spend their time doing and why they come home… Continue reading Date Night at the Fire Academy

Fire Academy

Forced Entry and Ladders

Matt just finished Forced Entry and Ladder Week in the Fire Academy. During Forced Entry they used the "irons" and learned how to force their way inside outward swinging doors, inward swinging doors, metal doors, wooden doors and burglar bars. As far as the ladder training...I'm glad I didn't really know what he was doing… Continue reading Forced Entry and Ladders

Fire Academy

The smell of smoke

Day 4 of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Academy (AFRA) resulted in me coming home to the smell of smoke and burnt clothes... Matt got his training turnout gear! They are used, worn and BURNT. After our very brief photo shoot (because he wouldn't put the entire suit on for me) he recited the Atlanta Fire… Continue reading The smell of smoke