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A Different Ending

My last few posts were all about Matt and the past week as he went through BA Week which is the hardest week of the Fire Academy. It is now Sunday afternoon and he made it! The week was the hardest week of his life physically and mentally but the week turned out to be… Continue reading A Different Ending

Fire Academy

BA Week Day 2: No Joke

No Joke best describes Day 2 of BA Week for Matt in more ways than one. Matt got home around 7:30pm just as I finished cooking Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo per his request (well a week ago but I just got around to making it). He walked in the door and said "Boy do I have… Continue reading BA Week Day 2: No Joke

Fire Academy

BA Week Day 1: Cake Walk

Day 1 of BA (Breathing Apparatus) Week is over. Today was considered a "Cake Walk " compared to the rest of the week. The day began in the classroom going over everything about the Breathing Apparatus. Then it was out to the Drill Yard. They practiced putting on and taking off their Breathing Apparatus. Speed… Continue reading BA Week Day 1: Cake Walk

Fire Academy

Fire Academy Update: Hoses and Hell Week

Since I'm not the one going through the Academy it's a little difficult for me to explain everything Matt and the recruits do but I think a brief update is sufficient which is generally what I get from him each night. He comes home most nights filthy from dirt and sweat and he is usually… Continue reading Fire Academy Update: Hoses and Hell Week

Fire Academy

Here We Go!

Matt just finished day 12 of the fire academy and this is definitely a huge learning experience...for BOTH of us! For him obviously it is learning what it takes to become a firefighter- physically, mentally and emotionally. For me it's another challenge of being what God tells us wives to be. A supportive helpmate. This… Continue reading Here We Go!