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Fit Fire Wife

I am so excited about this new phase of my life I am in! A friend of mine introduced me to an amazing opportunity only a little over a month ago and it is already changing our lives. I know that is an extreme statement but it is the truth. Each day I wake up… Continue reading Fit Fire Wife

The Fire Life

#FireStrong Faith

Praising God tonight that the five Gwinnett County Firefighters are safe and sound at home with their families. has a challenge right now to encourage and empower women to be #FireStrong. To stop negative thinking. To smile. To get rid of things (and people) that hold you back. To be mentally and emotionally healthy.… Continue reading #FireStrong Faith

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Year One and Counting has been a while since my last post for various reasons...mostly lack of time to sit and think. But boy do I have lots of ideas and posts to write! Today I finally logged into my blog and guess what it said ... Happy One Year Anniversary! My Blog is ONE YEAR old! This also… Continue reading Year One and Counting

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Warning! What a difference a week can make!

The week before last we were able to enjoy a family vacation away just the five of us. We haven't had a family vacation in a couple years (just us...away from home) and were counting down the days until we left literally on the white board in the kitchen. Matt was able to schedule time… Continue reading Warning! What a difference a week can make!

Station 4 Engine 6

Our first visit to Station 4

Last Saturday I took the kids down to Atlanta to visit daddy at the fire station. We made no-bake cookies and headed downtown. Ben was a little hesitant because I warned him that he might hear loud noises (which he hates) but we were all excited to finally see where Matt lives every 3rd day.… Continue reading Our first visit to Station 4

The Fire Life


Have you ever been slapped across the face? I mean a full-force-make-your-head-spin kind of slap right across the cheek. I don't recall ever getting physically slapped like that (or I just blocked it out of my mind) but I have been mentally and emotionally slapped. It's not a good feeling but it definitely wakes you… Continue reading Slapped

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I recently took an online home safety audit. It tests you on how safe your home is from hazards including fires. Of course fires can start many different ways that we cannot control but there are a lot of things that can be done to prevent them. Well....we failed the test. So guess what we are… Continue reading Fireproofing

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Fires, Prevention and Harrison Ford!?

Let me start by saying (or shouting) THIS WEEK WAS SO EXCITING!! Let's start with the end of last week and the first fire scene Matt was called to. It was the old club Inferno (ironic lol). His engine wasn't first on the scene but he helped with the hoses and then went in after… Continue reading Fires, Prevention and Harrison Ford!?


My New Mission

This week the August issue of Prevention Magazine will probably hit the news stands. I can't wait to see how the article and the photos turned out. I have stayed in touch with the other two ladies that are also featured in the article via facebook and email and we are all anxious to see it. Check out… Continue reading My New Mission

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So Much To Learn

Now that Matt has 5 shifts behind him we are starting to figure out this new routine. It is a little crazy at times but fortunately right now the kids are on summer break so there is no homework, projects or after school activities to throw in the mix just yet. After Matt's first shift… Continue reading So Much To Learn